SLO Baked Bakeries Inc.

— SLO Baked Pastries

SLO Baked pastries are guaranteed to brighten your day! From delicious, fruit-filled danish, to handmade, butter croissants. Once you've had one, tell your friends…


Apple danish ready to be boxed up and delivered. A SLO Baked apple danish looking good enough to eat! SLO Baked bear claws on a plate and ready to go. A pan full of bear claws freshly made and now on their way to the oven. If SLO Baked cinnamon rolls look this good on your computer's display, imagine what they taste like!

As with everything we make at SLO Baked, our Danish pastries are handmade and baked fresh the same day they are delivered. We have a variety of fruit fillings for traditional danish, in addition to our cinnamon rolls, and bear claws. One bite and your customers will fall in love with them.

Butter Croissants

Chocolate croissant sitting on a plate waiting to be eaten. Croissants + powdered sugar + almonds = pure delicious! Ham & Cheese croissants! The good old plain croissant.

SLO Baked's butter croissants are hand rolled by the owners, everyday, 7 days a week and they refuse to give up this tradition. They have 54 layers of butter and are delivered to your business fresh. It’s that commitment to our customers that separates our service from anyone else’s.

Muffins, Scones, & Quick Bread

Vanessa is topping off some scones, while John's busy in the background. SLO Baked muffins waiting for their turn in the oven. Two freshly baked scones. SLO Baked's bran muffins will make any breakfast just that much better. A couple of slices of banana bread will put a smile on anyone. Especially SLO Baked banana bread! If you love lemons then you'll love our Lemon Poppyseed muffin. Another rare look at SLO Baked muffins before hitting the oven. Freshly baked muffins lined up and ready to be delivered. A Lowfat Mixed Berry muffin that tastes great. Only SLO Baked could pull it off. How can you improve on a Carrot muffin? Add a cream cheese filling, which is exactly what we did here.

SLO Baked has a seasonal variety of muffins and scones available. The iconic SLO Baked square top muffin is always a favorite! We work closely with our providers which allows us to buy the best fruit fillings – fresh, local and in season.
Our Muffin flavors are:

Our scones are not your traditional British scone. Our light, hand mixed and hand formed scones might be just your cup of tea, so to speak.
Our Scones are:

Quick Bread can be bought either by the slice or by the loaf. Our loaves, like most things at SLO Baked are extra large (about 13” in length).
Our Quick Bread flavors are: