SLO Baked Bakeries Inc.

Who supports us?

Thank you for supporting these local businesses, they support us and it enables us to provide fresh pastries daily from a local supplier. Our customers are why we are here. Providing them with quality and service has made SLO Baked what it is today. If you are in the neighborhood, please visit these local businesses and thank them for carrying a local product.

It is because of them that we are able to do so much and contribute to our community. If you don’t see your local coffee shop listed, let them know about us. We are geared towards selling to other businesses, but we also sell to individuals. Please contact us for more information.

  1. Avila Grocery & Deli
  2. Best Western Royal Oak (San Luis Obispo)
  3. Black Horse/Uptown Espresso
  4. Blue Sail Inn
  5. Café Andreini
  6. Cayucos Candy Counter
  7. Coastal Peaks Roasters
  8. Coffee Cove
  9. Coffee Express
  10. DePalo & Sons
  11. Embassy Suites (San Luis Obispo)
  12. Froggies Café
  13. Food 4 Less
  14. Gus's Grocery
  15. Holiday Inn Express (San Luis Obispo)
  16. Higher Groundz Broad St.
  1. In Good Taste Catering
  2. Nautical Bean
  3. New Frontiers Natural Marketplace
  4. Orange Cat Cafe
  5. Outspoken, A Beverage Bistro
  6. Peet's Coffee & Tea
  7. Pluto's Cafe
  8. Popolo Rotisserie Café & Catering
  9. Portside Coffee
  10. Red Dirt Coffeehouse
  11. Sands Inn & Suites
  12. SLO Breeze Cafe
  13. Spencer's Fresh Market
  14. West End Espresso & Tea
  15. Woodstone Marketplace

As Rudolph's and West End, we have been very happy with the quality and service we've received from SLO Baked - especially after John & Vanessa have purchased it. We would love it if SLO Baked brought back their coffee cake. Thank you! And thank you for working with us through the years!

— Rene Scarnegi, West End Espresso and Tea

— Ordering Information —

  1. Step One

    You're already well into this step if you're here reading this! Go ahead and take a look at what we have to offer. Browse through our item lists and types of pastries, & desserts we make.

  2. Step Two

    Given everything a good look through? Alright now it's time to talk! Contact us by phone or email and let’s talk about your business and your goals. We can arrange a special complimentary box of products that will fit your business. If you'd like to set up a Standard Order then we'll go over the items you'll need, delivery times, and delivery intervals. Once we've got it all set up, leave it to us! We'll be there right on time, with exactly what you ordered. You'll only need to call us if things change.

Great company with wonderful customer service and product. Our customers can't get enough of your bearclaws and blueberry bran muffins!

— Denae, Cafe Andreini

— Who we Support —

    We feel that owning a business is not just about making a profit, but it is about being partners in our community. We hope our donations to these worthy organizations make a difference and help support the community that supports us.

Great food, great service, great people! Need I say more?

— Dave Brown, Downtown Travelodge

We appreciate that John & Vanessa have been able to work with us on any event and special need."

— Cheryl Peterman, Woodstone Marketplace and Avila Grocery